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Types of Bone Grafting

October 27, 2023 4:40 pm

Bone grafting is a common dentistry procedure used to restore bone tissue in the jaw. Depending on the nature of treatment, bone grafting can be an essential step in treatment.

Whether you’re considering dental implants, addressing gum disease, or improving the aesthetics of your smile, understanding the different types of bone grafting can help you prepare for treatment. In this blog, we’ll explore the most common bone grafting procedures used in dentistry.


An autograft is a bone graft procedure in which the bone is taken from one area of the patient’s body and transplanted to another. Common donor sites include the hip, tibia, or jaw.

Autografts are well-tolerated by the body since the graft material is from the patient, reducing the risk of graft rejection or allergic reactions. However, they require an additional surgical site, which can result in increased discomfort and recovery time.


Allografts use bone tissue from a human donor, typically from a tissue bank. This eliminates the need for a second surgical site, making it a less invasive option.

The donor bone is processed and sterilized to remove all living cells, reducing the risk of immune reactions. Allografts are commonly used for bone grafting procedures in dentistry.

Synthetic Substitutes

There are several remaining types of bone grafting procedures, but these consist of synthetic materials or materials not from the human body. For example, xenografts use bone tissue harvested from animals, usually cows or pigs. Xenografts are processed to remove all organic materials, leaving only the bone’s mineral structure.

Alloplastic grafts consist of synthetic materials like calcium phosphate or hydroxyapatite. These materials are biocompatible and integrate with the patient’s natural bone over time. Alloplastic grafts are a popular choice for bone augmentation.

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Bone grafting is a versatile and sometimes essential procedure in dentistry. By understanding the different types of bone grafting, you can make informed decisions about dental treatments. At Seastone Dental, Dr. Palmateer and our team complete in-house oral surgery like bone grafting to help you reach your treatment goals. To learn more about bone grafting, get in touch with our office!

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